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A heartfelt welcome to the MyMasjidRewards family! Your decision to join us marks the beginning of an inspiring journey where every step you take contributes to a stronger, more connected community, and a means of Sadaqah Jariyah.

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As a valued supporter, you’re now part of a vibrant network dedicated to uplifting local masjids and fostering communal harmony across the UK. Your membership plays a crucial role in ensuring these vital community hubs continue to thrive and serve as beacons of hope and guidance.

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Your digital membership card is your unique key to our network of benefits and must be used only by you. Sharing your card can have unintended consequences:

  • Impact on Businesses: Multiple uses by different individuals can strain our partnerships with businesses, potentially affecting their ability to offer generous discounts which can…
  • Effect on Masjids: …Ultimately impact our ability to support masjids, as businesses are vital contributors to our community initiatives. Without them, masjids will most definitely suffer.
  • Personal Sadaqah Jariyah: We encourage each family member to have their own membership. Not only does this provide them with personal rewards and benefits, but it also contributes to ongoing sadaqah jariyah, further aiding masjids and local businesses.

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As a MyMasjidRewards member, you’re entitled to unique discounts and special offers from a wide array of local businesses. Not only do you save, but you also contribute to the sustainability of your local masjids with every purchase.

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Have questions or need support? Our Help & Support page is always available. Alternatively, you can reach out to us through the contact form for any specific queries or feedback.

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Your membership is more than just access to benefits – it’s a symbol of your commitment to positive change. We’re thrilled to have you with us on this journey of empowerment and community growth.

Thank you for choosing to make a difference with MyMasjidRewards. We’re excited to see the incredible impact we can create together!

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