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MyMasjidRewards is an innovative platform designed to strengthen community bonds by supporting local mosques and businesses. It’s a subscription-based service that offers members exclusive discounts and benefits from a variety of local and online businesses. A significant portion of the revenue is contributed to local mosques, aiding them in their operations and community activities. Our mission is to create a sustainable ecosystem where mosque-goers can save on purchases, businesses can grow their customer base, and mosques receive essential financial support. MyMasjidRewards is more than a service; it’s a community initiative fostering mutual growth and unity.

MyMasjidRewards operates on a simple yet impactful model:

  1. Membership Subscription: Individuals sign up for a subscription, gaining access to exclusive discounts and offers from a wide range of local and online businesses. They present a digital membership card to redeem offers available exclusively to MyMasjidRewards members.

  2. Supporting Local Businesses: We partner with local businesses who offer these discounts and benefits to our members. This helps businesses increase their visibility and customer base.

  3. Contributing to Mosques: A portion of the subscription fees is allocated to support local mosques. This financial aid assists them with operational costs and community services.

  4. Enjoying Benefits: Members enjoy savings on everyday purchases while contributing to the financial stability of their local mosques and supporting community businesses.

In essence, MyMasjidRewards creates a win-win-win situation for members, mosques, and local businesses, fostering a thriving community ecosystem.

Becoming a member of MyMasjidRewards is a simple and straightforward process:

  1. Visit Our Website: Navigate to and click on the ‘Join Now’ or ‘Sign Up’ button.

  2. Fill in Your Details: Complete the registration form by providing essential information such as your name, email address, and other required details.

  3. Select a Masjid: Choose the masjid you wish to support with your contributions. Alternatively, you can opt to support the growth and development of MyMasjidRewards, especially as we expand nationwide.

  4. Payment Information: Enter your payment details for the subscription. We ensure all transactions are processed securely for your peace of mind.

  5. Confirmation: After completing the sign-up process and verifying your payment, you will receive a confirmation email. This email will contain your membership details and instructions on how to access and utilize your benefits.

  6. Membership Card: A link to your digital membership card will be sent to you. You can add this card to your Apple or Google Wallet, which you can show in-store to redeem discounts.

  7. Enjoy the Benefits: Embark on your journey with MyMasjidRewards, exploring a variety of exclusive discounts and offers specially curated for our members.

Should you have any questions or need assistance during the sign-up process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

My Contribution

We take the vetting process for masjids very seriously to ensure the integrity of contributions. All listed masjids on our platform have undergone a thorough verification process. We confirm their bank details either directly through contact with the masjid representatives or, if needed, through physical visits to the masjid itself. This vetting ensures that every contribution reaches its intended destination securely and effectively.

We enthusiastically invite masjids to become a part of the MyMasjidRewards family. If you represent a masjid or wish to see your local masjid participate, please connect with us through our contact form below with as much information about the masjid as possible. Our team will reach out and provide all the necessary guidance for a smooth and easy integration into our program. Upon successful vetting and approval, the masjid will be featured on our platform with a ‘Vetted Partner’ badge, signalling to members that it is a trusted and verified participant in the MyMasjidRewards community.

In cases where your chosen masjid isn’t equipped to receive contributions, or if we’re unable to establish contact, we will make every effort to gather the necessary information. This includes visiting the masjid in person if required. If we still cannot facilitate the contribution, we will contact you to choose another masjid for reallocating the funds. Our goal is to ensure that your contributions always support the community in a meaningful way.

We take the vetting process for masjids very seriously to ensure the integrity of contributions. All listed masjids on our platform have undergone a thorough verification process. We confirm their bank details either directly through contact with the masjid representatives or, if needed, through physical visits to the masjid itself. This vetting ensures that every contribution reaches its intended destination securely and effectively.

When you subscribe as a MyMasjidRewards member, your subscription fee is thoughtfully allocated to support both the platform and the masjid of your choice. Here’s how it works:

  1. Direct Support to Masjids: A significant portion of your subscription fee is designated for the masjid you select. This means that with each subscription, you’re directly contributing to the financial aid of your chosen masjid.

  2. Supporting MyMasjidRewards: £2 from each subscription is allocated to MyMasjidRewards. This portion is vital for the continuous growth and sustainability of our platform, enabling us to enhance our services, expand our reach, and better serve masjids and businesses across the UK. This opens up your Sadaqah Jariyah to a whole new level as it gives you reward for all the work we do as an organisation, Insha-Allah.

  3. Transaction Transparency: To maintain complete transparency, we deduct transaction fees and then distribute the remaining amount to the masjid. This ensures that a substantial part of your subscription is channeled directly to the masjid, contributing to its thriving community role.

As a member of MyMasjidRewards, your contribution plays a dual role: you’re not only supporting your chosen masjid but also empowering the platform to foster a robust and connected community. Your participation is key to our collective mission of nurturing a stronger community and helping masjids flourish, even through challenging times.

We are committed to ensuring that all contributions are used effectively and transparently. While we vet masjids to confirm their legitimacy, the management and use of funds are typically at the discretion of the masjid’s administration. We encourage masjids to maintain transparency with their community about the utilisation of funds. We also contact masjids from time to time asking for proof of what the contributions have allowed for. This is sometimes in the form of donation certificates or thank you emails. 

Membership & Offers

Yes, all subscribed members of MyMasjidRewards have access to the full range of exclusive offers provided by our partnered local and online businesses. As a member, you can enjoy a variety of discounts and special deals, each designed to bring value and savings to your experience.

However, it’s important to note that the details and discretion of these offers lie with the individual businesses. MyMasjidRewards serves as a platform for businesses to advertise their offers, and while we ensure a selection of quality deals, the specific terms and conditions of each offer are set by the businesses themselves. These terms may include limitations such as availability or special requirements, which will be clearly communicated with each offer.

If you encounter any issues or have questions about a specific offer, we recommend contacting the business directly in the first instance. They are best positioned to provide immediate assistance and clarify any details regarding their offers.

Redeeming offers on MyMasjidRewards is easy. Simply present your digital membership card available in your Apple or Google Wallet at the participating business. Ensure you follow any specific instructions or terms mentioned with the offer. Our digital card makes the process seamless and convenient.

For online businesses, there will be a coupon in the offer or the link presented on the page will direct you to an already discounted product.

The availability of offers on MyMasjidRewards primarily depends on our local business partnerships. Since we collaborate with a variety of businesses in different areas, some offers may indeed be region-specific.

We strive to include businesses from a wide range of locations to ensure that members in various regions can enjoy the benefits. However, the presence and type of offers may vary based on your locality and the participating businesses in your area.

If you’re looking for offers in a specific region, you can filter or search for them on our platform. We’re continuously working to expand our network of businesses across more areas, aiming to provide a diverse selection of offers to all our members, regardless of their location.

We continuously update and enrich our platform with new offers. Our team at MyMasjidRewards works closely with our network of business partners to regularly introduce fresh and exciting deals for our members.

The frequency of new offer additions can vary, but typically, you can expect to see new deals emerging on a weekly or monthly basis. This ensures that our members always have something new to explore and take advantage of.

We also encourage our members to regularly check the platform or opt-in for notifications to stay updated on the latest offers. Our goal is to keep the experience dynamic and beneficial for every member of the MyMasjidRewards community.

The ability to use offers multiple times depends on the specific terms set by our business partners. Many of the discounts and deals on MyMasjidRewards are available for repeated use, allowing you to enjoy ongoing savings. However, some offers may be limited to one-time use only or might have certain restrictions on how frequently they can be accessed.

We recommend checking the details of each offer for information about usage limits. These terms are provided by the businesses and are clearly stated with each offer to ensure transparency and help you plan your purchases accordingly.

Remember, our platform is regularly updated with new offers, so there are always fresh opportunities for savings and benefits!

Our platform is designed with a user-friendly interface, enabling you to effortlessly filter and search for offers based on categories, interests, or regions. This feature allows you to quickly find deals that align with your preferences. Additionally, we offer a convenient map view of local offers. This visual tool helps you navigate and locate deals in your vicinity, making it easier to plan your visits to participating businesses. With these intuitive features, discovering and enjoying relevant offers is just a few clicks away.

While we encourage our business partners to keep their offers up-to-date, the responsibility primarily lies with them to ensure their listings are current. If you encounter an offer that is no longer available, please inform us through our contact form or reach out to customer support. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us maintain the accuracy and quality of our offerings.

Additionally, you have the option to report a listing directly on our platform. This notifies our team, allowing us to promptly address the issue with the respective business. We also regularly update MyMasjidRewards with new and exciting offers, so we encourage you to check back frequently for the latest deals.

Absolutely! We value member input. If you have a favourite local business or a specific type of offer you’d like to see on our platform, please reach out to us with your suggestions. While we cannot guarantee that every suggested business will be added, we certainly welcome and consider all member recommendations.

At MyMasjidRewards, we love to give back to our members through exciting prize draws. These draws are a token of our appreciation and are open to all subscribed members. Prizes can range from delightful treats like a free chai at a local cafe, a complimentary milkshake, or a dessert, to potentially more varied rewards from different industries featured on our platform.

These prize draws are held regularly, and winners are chosen randomly from our member base. Participating in these draws gives you a chance to enjoy unique experiences and offerings from our partner businesses. Keep an eye on our updates, newsletters, and announcements for these special opportunities – you could be the next winner!

Support and Contact

If you need support or have any inquiries, you can easily reach us through our Contact Form available at the bottom of this page.

Alternatively, you can email us directly at Our dedicated support team is always ready to assist you and will respond to your queries as promptly as possible.

 If you encounter a technical issue on MyMasjidRewards, please report it through our contact form below or by emailing us directly on Provide as much detail as possible about the issue, which will help us in quickly identifying and resolving it. Your assistance in reporting these issues is greatly appreciated, as it helps us maintain a smooth and functional platform.

Absolutely! We value your feedback and suggestions. Please visit our Feedback Page in the footer of our website to share your thoughts. As a thank you for your time and input, you’ll be entered into a free prize draw with a chance to win exciting rewards. Your insights play a crucial role in shaping and improving MyMasjidRewards.

To stay informed about the latest news, updates, and offers from MyMasjidRewards, we recommend subscribing to our newsletter. You can sign up directly on our website. Additionally, follow us on our social media channels for real-time updates and exclusive content. Staying connected ensures you won’t miss out on any of the exciting developments and new offers we continuously bring to our members.

Absolutely! Businesses interested in partnering with MyMasjidRewards are encouraged to create and account and begin your listing through our Advertise With Us for Free page.

Alternatively, you can contact us on Our team will provide you with all the necessary information and guide you through the partnership process.

If you’re interested in getting involved or volunteering with MyMasjidRewards, we’d love to hear from you! Please contact us at with your details and how you would like to contribute. We are always on the lookout for passionate individuals to join our community efforts.

For Businesses and Advertisers

Advertising your business on MyMasjidRewards is easy! Simply click the ‘Advertise for Free’ link at the bottom of this page, under the heading Links.

There, you’ll find a straightforward process to register your business and add your exclusive offers for our members to enjoy whilst supporting the Muslim community.

Listing your offers on MyMasjidRewards is currently free of charge. This includes creating and customising your offers on our platform. We aim to provide a mutually beneficial environment for both our members and partner businesses.

MyMasjidRewards does not charge any commission to businesses for transactions made by members. Any purchases made through the platform’s offers are direct interactions between the members and the businesses.

Our sole purpose is to provide a platform which helps Masjids nationwide, provides offers to its members and free advertisement for businesses.

 Absolutely! You have full control over customising the offers for your business. Our platform allows you to list multiple offers and adjust them as you see fit. Each submission is manually reviewed by MyMasjidRewards to ensure quality and relevance, so please allow up to 72 hours for changes to take effect.

We provide a business analytics dashboard that shows the number of visitors to your listings and the performance of your offers. This tool is designed to give you insights into customer engagement and the effectiveness of your offers, helping you make informed decisions about your promotions.

 Yes, you are free to change or update your offers as needed. We understand that business needs evolve, so we make it easy for you to keep your offers fresh and appealing. Remember that each new or updated offer requires manual approval, so plan for a 72-hour window for changes to be reflected on the platform.

Absolutely! We actively promote our partners to our members through various channels, including newsletters, social media, and targeted marketing campaigns both through physical promotional material and on the internet.

Our goal is to drive more customers to your business and increase your visibility in the community.

Businesses do have the option to purchase add-ons such as listing boosts, become a featured listing so you’re seen on the homepage and at the top of searches. 

Businesses can also become our sponsors where they can get a heap of promotional benefits whilst supporting MyMasjidRewards.

Yes, MyMasjidRewards allows for targeted advertising. You can tailor your offers to specific audiences based on location, interests, or other demographics. This targeting helps in creating more relevant and attractive offers for different member segments.

New businesses receive full support from our team, including assistance with setting up your business profile, creating initial offers, and understanding how to use the platform effectively. We also provide tips and best practices for engaging with our community and maximising the impact of your offers.

Just contact us at for any assistance. We’ll be more than happy to help.

Absolutely! We offer opportunities for featured promotions and special collaborations, such as seasonal campaigns or community events. These opportunities provide heightened visibility and are a great way to stand out on the platform.


Yes, transparency is a cornerstone of our operations at MyMasjidRewards. We are open and clear about our business model, practices, and how we handle contributions, member data, and partnerships. We believe in maintaining trust with our members and business partners through honest communication and ethical practices.

Absolutely not. We pride ourselves on being transparent about all costs associated with MyMasjidRewards. The membership fee is clearly stated, and there are no hidden charges or unexpected fees. We ensure that all members are fully informed about the cost of subscription and what it entails.

We take data security and user privacy very seriously. MyMasjidRewards adheres to strict data protection regulations and employs robust security measures to safeguard user data. For more detailed information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions or concerns about our transparency or business practices, please don’t hesitate to contact us at We are committed to addressing any inquiries or concerns you may have promptly and thoroughly.

We strive to resolve any disputes or complaints quickly and fairly. If you have a concern related to our platform, we encourage you to contact our support team. We have procedures in place to handle disputes and work towards a satisfactory resolution for all parties involved, maintaining fairness and respect throughout the process.

At MyMasjidRewards, transparency is more than a policy; it’s a core value that guides our relationship with members, businesses, and masjids. We believe in being open about our revenue model, ensuring everyone involved understands how our platform operates financially.

Revenue from Member Contributions:

  • We generate a fixed revenue of £2 from each member’s monthly contribution. This portion of revenue is essential for maintaining our servers, platform functionality, and supporting our marketing and promotional activities. Essentially, your contribution also aids in the growth of MyMasjidRewards, which in turn benefits hundreds of masjids across the UK.

Initial Membership Fee:

  • For new members, we collect a one-time fee of £9.99 in the first month. This initial fee is utilised by MyMasjidRewards to cover the costs of providing our valuable services, maintaining digital systems, marketing efforts, and covering the expenses of travelling to masjids and businesses for promotional activities. This fee also helps offset customer acquisition costs.

Monthly Contributions Post First Month:

  • After the first month, the membership fee of £9.99, minus transaction costs and the £2 MyMasjidRewards contribution, is directly allocated to masjids. Our transparent approach ensures that a significant portion of your membership fee supports masjids and their initiatives, aligning with our goal of community empowerment.

Revenue from Business Promotions:

  • Additionally, we offer various promotional packages to businesses, from local to nationwide advertising. These packages provide businesses with sponsorship opportunities and contribute to the growth of MyMasjidRewards.

Although we are not a charity, we aspire to achieve this status in the future, Insha-Allah. We have committed ourselves to uphold transparency from the inception of MyMasjidRewards. Our candid approach fosters trust and strengthens the bonds within our community, enabling us to build a platform that benefits all its stakeholders.

Privacy and Security

Absolutely. At MyMasjidRewards, we take your privacy and data security very seriously. We employ robust security measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, alteration, or misuse. Our platform uses advanced encryption and secure server technology to ensure that your data, including payment information, is safeguarded at all times. Rest assured, maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of your personal information is a top priority for us.

No, MyMasjidRewards does not sell or share your personal data with third-party entities for marketing purposes. The information you provide is used solely to enhance your experience on our platform and to manage your membership effectively. The only exceptions are when we are legally required to disclose information or when necessary to facilitate our services, such as processing payments, which is done through secure, trusted payment gateways. Any sharing of data is conducted with utmost care and adherence to privacy laws and regulations.

If you wish to update or delete your personal information, you can do so by accessing your account settings on our platform. If you need assistance or wish to delete your account entirely, please contact our support team at, and we will guide you through the process. We ensure that your data is handled as per your request, in accordance with privacy laws and regulations including GDPR.

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