Connect with customers, contribute to the community, and thrive in the process.
MyMasjidRewards’ free advertising offers more than visibility – it offers purpose.

Why Partner With Us?

Amplify Your Brand​

Amplify Your Brand

Connect with a dynamic audience while showcasing your brand's values and offerings.

Purposeful Impact​

Purposeful Impact

Your partnership directly supports local masjids and community growth.

zero cost

Zero Cost Advertising

Free advertising that puts your business in front of thousands

Analytics Dashboard - MyMasjidRewards

Real-Time Analytics at Your Fingertips

See how your business is making waves in the community with our comprehensive analytics dashboard. Monitor clicks, views, and engagement on your offers and listings.

How It Works

Unlock exclusive offers, save money, give back to your community.

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Sign Up

Register your business on our platform and start your journey.

Create your Offer

Create Your Offer

Craft an irresistible offer that will attract our engaged audience.

Connect and Thrive

Connect and Thrive

Reach potential customers who are eager to engage with your business.

Amplify Your Brand​

Drive Impact

Contribute to your local community while growing your business.

What Our Partners Say


MyMasjidRewards has been a game-changer for us. Not only are we attracting new customers with our exclusive offers, but we're also contributing to our community's growth. The impact is real, and the platform's analytics help us fine-tune our approach. It's a win-win!


We were skeptical at first, but partnering with MyMasjidRewards was the best decision. The free advertising has boosted our brand visibility, and we've seen a significant uptick in foot traffic. It's rewarding to know that our success also supports local masjids.


Joining MyMasjidRewards has been a revelation. Our holistic offerings have found a receptive audience, and the platform's focus on community alignment resonates with our values. The analytics provide valuable insights, helping us tailor promotions effectively. It's a synergy that works.


Trusted by 100+ members & businesses

Win - Win

Discounts in Dunya + Rewards in Aakhirah

Frequently Asked Questions

Advertising your business on MyMasjidRewards is easy! Simply click the ‘Get Started Now’ button above, create an account and you’ll be emailed easy to follow instructions.

It’s a straightforward process to register your business and add your exclusive offers for our members to enjoy whilst supporting the Muslim community.

Also, you get to advertise to 1000s of Muslims nationwide, absolutely Free!

No, there are no costs for businesses to add their offers on MyMasjidRewards. We provide a free and efficient platform for businesses to showcase their exclusive deals and discounts to our engaged members whilst directly helping Masjids and communities nationwide.

Once your offers are live on MyMasjidRewards, you will have access to a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to monitor the performance of your promotions. This dashboard provides valuable insights into the engagement, reach, and success of your offers.

Yes, you have the flexibility to update and modify your offers as needed. Whether you want to introduce new deals, extend existing ones, or make any adjustments, you can do it easily through your business dashboard.

It may need to be approved again if amended which won’t take more than 3 working days.

MyMasjidRewards does not charge any commission to businesses for transactions made by members. Any purchases made through the platform’s offers are direct interactions between the members and the businesses.

Our sole purpose is to provide a platform which helps Masjids nationwide, provides offers to its members and free advertisement for businesses.


A purposeful membership program uniting faith, supporting masjids, and rewarding community engagement.